Factory Reset HTC Desire 19s Without Password

There are occasions when you want to factory reset HTC Desire 19s. For example, if you want remove all data before selling it, or if performance has badly deteriorated or maybe it is not responding at all. Here we provide detailed guidelines on factory resetting HTC Desire 19s with no data loss and not requiring a password. Sometimes you may not be able to change the settings – maybe you have forgotten the password, or the screen is smashed, or something else. Regardless of the reason, you want to perform a factory reset for HTC Desire 19s.

HTC Desire 19s

We will tell you a very simple way to do HTC Desire 19s factory reset without a password, needing only a bare minimum of tech know-how. Always take a backup of the phone’s data first in case something goes wrong. If you intend to buy a new phone then you will need to copy over the data from your smartphone.

Technique #1 - Simplest way for a soft reset

What is a soft reset for HTC Desire 19s phone? It’s nothing more than rebooting your device. Nothing changes except its browser cache gets cleared. Do this if the phone seems dead, hangs up, frozen, touch does not work, or is just unresponsive.

Follow these very simple steps for the easiest solution:
  • Simultaneously press the Volume and Power buttons and keep them pressed for 10 seconds
  • When the phone restarts, release them

Technique #2 - Factory reset (a step by step guide)

Doing a factory reset on your HTC Desire 19s phone clears up many problems. Be aware that it will change all settings back to the original factory defaults and also delete all your phone’s data. Your phone will be like it was the day you bought it.

HTC Desire 19s factory reset instructions:
  • Go to the phone’s settings screen
  • Then go to the General Management screen
  • Select ‘Reset’
  • Scroll down to Factory Data Reset and tap on it
  • It will look for your password or PIN before continuing
  • Then tap ‘Delete’
That’s it!

Technique #3 - ‘Recovery mode’ factory data reset

The Recovery Mode option to reset HTC Desire 19s is useful when the approaches described above do not work for whatever reason. For example when it hangs in a boot loop and is inaccessible.

How to do a Recovery Mode reset for HTC Desire 19s:
  • Press and hold the Power button, then tap Power Off
  • Simultaneously press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons. Release them when the device logo appears
  • From the options that are now displayed, use the Volume up and down controls. Choose ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’ and then press the Power button
  • It will display a confirmation request ‘are you sure?’ Use the volume control to choose ‘Yes’ and then press the Power button.
Now the process starts to delete all your phone’s data (the factory reset). Restart your phone when it’s done and work through the setup steps as you would with a new phone.

Technique #4 - Factory reset with no password

Our App can be downloaded using the button underneath. You do not need a password to factory reset your HTC Desire 19s. Simply connect it with a USB cable and then follow the steps of the process that appear on the screen:
  • Connect the HTC Desire 19s to your computer. Run our Factory Reset App after you have downloaded it to your computer. When it starts, click ‘Next’ to commence the process.
  • Our App detects the version of firmware on your HTC Desire 19s. It finds the newer version that does the Factory Reset. It prompts you to download it, so click on ‘Download Firmware. This may take 10 minutes to complete.
  • In the meantime, the App interrogates the database from HTC Desire 19s, looking for updates and then downloads and validates the new firmware.
  • Finally, when the firmware has been downloaded you should click the ‘Factory Reset’ button. This completes in approximately 3 minutes.

Apk factory

Technique #5 - Online factory reset tool

Our fifth and final solution is ideal for people who don’t feel comfortable about their tech ability. There is no app or software to install. Factory reset your HTC Desire 19s online.

Our automated online service works with any Android device and quickly creates a special unique passcode, generated from your phone’s IMEI or Serial Number. The secret passcode factory resets your HTC Desire 19s in minutes when you follow the simple instructions.

Instructions for using our online factory reset service:
  • Navigate to our factory reset service here. The service app will ask for your HTC Desire 19s IMEI. Then click on ‘Connect’
  • As part of our service, we store your IMEI in our own internal database in readiness for performing the factory reset
  • Choose your phone’s brand from the list that appears
  • Choose whether or not to you want to delete all your phone’s data. Your choice forms part of the special passcode the system will generate for you
  • Press on the button that says ‘Factory Reset’. Our system then does its thing and makes the passcode available for you to download
  • Then follow the accompanying instructions that explain how to use the passcode
You should have successfully accomplished what you set out to do and completed a factory reset of your HTC Desire 19s phone. We love to hear from users and we welcome all feedback. Please let us know how you got on, and send any comments about the service to help us improve it.

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