Downloading the Passcode Remover Tool APK

Welcome to download page of the Passcode Remover Tool APK. Continue reading to find out more and to install the apk. There is always the option to do everything online, which is without a doubt much quicker and easier. Here is a link to the ONLINE TOOL.

File name Passcode Remover .APK
Current version 4.2
File extension .apk
Total downloads 537,205
Last download 15 minutes ago

Passcode Remover Tool (a step by step guide)
Our App can be downloaded using the button below. After installing this, simply connect your smart phone using your USB cable and follow the on-screen instructions to remove your forgotten password, PIN or pattern lock:

Step 1: Download our program, install it and then connect your device to the computer. You will be presented with 2 options; erase all data and reset to factory after unlocking password or only remove the password. If you want to eliminate all of the data associated with your account and start clean, this is a quick way to achieve all of this without messing with the power button methods mentioned above.

Step 2: Our program will automatically identify your phone’s firmware version, and it will check to see if there is an updated version that allows bypassing the lock screen. If presented with the option to do so, click on download firmware and then move forward from there.

Step 3: The previous step may take a while. The downloading process for this can take up to 10 minutes, and while you’re waiting, it is connecting to your smartphone database, searching for updates for your device and then verifying, downloading and installing them. This does require a small amount of patience, as these devices take longer to undergo these operations than a full-blown modern computer.

Step 4: When the downloading process is completed, click on the Unlock Screen button to remove the lock screen, PIN or pattern lock. This too will take a small amount of patience, requiring approximately 3 minutes to complete. Upon completion of this, your firmware is upgraded to the latest version, granting your phone better and more secure performance, and your impassable lock screen has been successfully removed!

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